Metal Gear Survive officially launched in February 2018

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Metal Gear Survive officially launched in February 2018

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:11 pm

According to the latest news that Konami shared, will officially launch in February / 2018 on all three platforms PS4, Xbox One and PC. But as far as we suspected, we did not know the anger of the gaming community after the drama that took place inside Konami, causing the legendary Hideo Kojima to leave the company he once served. Three decades to set up a new studio, it is unknown who will be watching this game to enjoy.

Konami introduces: "Survive brings the player to a parallel world through time holes, right after the Ground Zeroes release ends, and the game follows the MSF soldiers left over from their base. Destroyed, then they set foot on a brand new land with hideous zombies with a single mission: survive back.

Still a secretive action style, but Metal Gear Survive will be a team game between four players. Still the familiar image of the Fox Engine, but now the rivals of brave soldiers who have a heart to follow the Big Boss are extremely monstrous creatures with crystals on the head, quite similar to the monster in The Phantom Pain.

Konami says that this is still a game that will help to perfect the experience of Metal Gear Solid V. So many fans still expect that the Japanese game publisher will do something to please the gaming community. This is an old game series.
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