Hyper Dragon Ball Z: Guys, do you have balls for this game?

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Hyper Dragon Ball Z: Guys, do you have balls for this game?

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 25, 2017 2:58 pm

How can you not thank Mau-Mau, the Great Universal Architect, for having mercy on us and making possible the existence of the MUGEN freeware engine in this dimensional plane? When you have a free 2D fighting game engine and great ideas, it's impossible not to win the winning lot with an idea like Hyper http://dbfgame.net/ - especially when you rely on nostalgia and service to fans. However, although the series of manga and Dragon Ball animations have countless followers spread around the world, video games have never been able to bring legendary productions to a truly worthy tribute.

So a handful of talented people have set up a grand project whose ultimate goal should go beyond the 9000 epic level! The look of the classic arcade and attention to character reproduction - endowed with unique moves and abilities - will surely satisfy the hordes of the guy enchanted by the Dragon Ball / http://dbfgame.net/dragon-ball-fighterz-news/goku-the-legendary/ phenomenon. The game looks fantastic and can be seen moving if you follow the trailer above, saliva uncontrollably. It is also worth noting the borrowed sounds of the original and the detailed animations during the battles, which send you to the thoughts of your youthful drawings.


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