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Post by Admin on Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:30 pm is a horror game, rpg made by Dontnod Entertainment and marketed by Focus. Vampyr is in development on PS4 Explore the infested streets of London in - a new role-playing game with original mechanics and a strong vibe, developed on Unreal Engine 4 by DontNod, the studio behind Remember Me and Life is Strange. The game takes place in London in the early 20th century, as the First World War comes to an end, and as the Spanish flu, violence and fear rage in the streets of the British capital. In a ghost town and completely disorganized, the mad, desperate or unlucky who ventured into the streets are now the prey of other predators, more terrible and more deadly than the flu: the Vampires. You are Jonathan E. Reid, a renowned military surgeon who falls prey to a Vampire on his return from the front.
Now one of them, you are torn between your desire to save lives and your insatiable thirst for blood ... a duality man / beast and moral choices that are at the center of the game, and which are the point start of an eventful quest for a cure for your new condition. As you cling to what is left of your humanity, your choices and decisions will seal your fate, as you seek answers to your questions and, if there is, a cure for your condition. Highlights - Explore London at the beginning of the 20th century, affected by the worst epidemic in the history of mankind. - Play a powerful Vampire, tormented by the rules of his new condition. As a man of science and a creature of the night, your greatest fight will be between your two natures. - Develop your own fighting style with a wide range of weapons and vampire powers to help you deal with a unique and varied bestiary. - Your decisions will determine your destiny. What will remain of your humanity, when you have to choose a prey to feed you? - Nourish yourself by chasing human prey: your choices will affect the evolution of your character, the story, and impact the lives of London survivors. Their future is in your hands.


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