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Way to Reset Hotmail Passwords Empty Way to Reset Hotmail Passwords

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If you forget your password or your <a href="http://howtoget.wiki/how-to-reset-your-lost-hotmail-password-part-1/"> Hotmail account is locked </a>
down by unauthorized access, you can use the Microsoft Account Recovery Tool to http://howtoget.wiki/how-to-reset-your-lost-hotmail-password-part-2/. To do that, you'll need a recovery email, a phone number or an authentication application linked to your account, or a few questions about your account to verify your identity.
1 Open the Outlook.com home page. The name was changed to Outlook.com, but Hotmail can still be accessed through the Outlook.com login page. Your Hotmail account is still active here.
+ Account with no activity is allowed to restore within 365 days since the last login. Accounts not accessed for more than one year will be deleted.
+ After manually disabling the account, you have 30 days to regain and restore activity before it is permanently deleted.
Way to Reset Hotmail Passwords Hotmail-how-to-2
2 Click on the link "Can not access your account?". This path is located under the email and password fields.
3 Select "Forgot password" and click "Next".
4 Enter the Hotmail address you need to access the "Microsoft Account" box. Enter Captcha and click "Next".
5 Choose authentication. To access the password reset page, you need to validate your identity with Microsoft. There are many ways to do this, depending on the communication method you set up for your account.
+ Email - If there is a recovery email associated with the account, the authentication code will be sent to that email address. To do so, you must first set up a secondary email for your account.
+ Use an application - If you have downloaded the Microsoft Account application, you can use it to generate unique code for identity authentication. To do so, you must first set up your account to use this application when you need it.
+ Message - If you have a mobile phone number associated with your account, Microsoft can send a unique code message to verify your identity. To do that, before, when you are still accessible, you must link a phone number to your account.
+ I do not have any of these - This item may also be named "I no longer use them." Without any recovery information associated with your account, you may choose to answer your question to prove your identity to Microsoft. This method is not always successful, especially when you can not remember the old details of your account.
Way to Reset Hotmail Passwords Hotmail-how-to-6
6 Fill out the questionnaire (if needed). If you have to select "I do not have any of these," you will be asked to answer a questionnaire to prove you are the owner of the account. The purpose of this step is to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your private email. Before starting, you will have to provide an alternate email address. If you have not already, you can create a new free email account.
7 Get the authentication code. Once you have chosen the authentication method, get the code to access the password reset page.
8 Enter the authentication code. If you are still opening the authentication page, you can enter the code in the box. If you have closed, you can reopen it by restarting the account retrieval process and selecting the same contact method you selected the previous time.
9 Create a new password. Once you enter the verification code, you will be directed to the password reset page. Here, you can create a new password to access your Hotmail account. To create a password that is high security but easy to remember, please refer to our related article.
10 Sign in to your account. Once the password is reset, it will take effect immediately. Use it to access your Hotmail account from the Outlook.com login page.


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