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Hotmail updates new features Empty Hotmail updates new features

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 02, 2018 2:29 pm

In the process of developing the fifth version of Hotmail updates new features The-difference-of-windows-mail-windows-live-mail-windows-live-hotmail-and-msn-hotmail, Microsoft has updated a new feature for Hotmail. This feature makes your email appear instantly, no waiting time to download. You will feel more comfortable watching multiple emails.
This feature is called "preloading messages," when you choose to view an e-mail, automatically pre-loads some e-mail messages and pre-loads the e-mail folders. When you read to the next email or choose to view another folder, you'll be amazed at how instant it appears without having to wait about a second as before.
Hotmail updates new features Hotmail_outlook_logos-56a2899d3df78cf772774aa8
To enable this feature, go to your mailbox, select Options in the upper right, then select More Options. On the Options page, select "Conversations and faster reading" in the Reading email section near the bottom of the page. Then, just check the "Pre-load messages to speed up reading" and then click save is complete.
In addition to the new features, Windows Live also has some minor changes at the top. At the top of the page there are four entries: Hotmail, Messenger, Office, Photos. There are now only three items: Hotmail, Messenger and Skydrive, Office and Photos are included in Skydrive. This shows that Microsoft wants users to focus more on Skydrive because it is a collection of both Office and Photos. Also, it is possible that Microsoft is making the web version of Windows Live synch with Windows Phone because on Windows Phone, all documents, images refer to a term is Skydrive.
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