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Captain Ginyu | Ginyu Commander In Dragon Ball Z Empty Captain Ginyu | Ginyu Commander In Dragon Ball Z

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:38 pm is the commander, and also the captain of the Ginyu team (Frieza's best squad).
Character and personality
He is tall, muscular and has purple skin. He is very concerned about his teammates, however in his work he is very strict with them. For example, he scolded Jeice for failing to finish the task of destroying Goku.
In particular, he is loyal to Frieza, although in any situation he never betrays him. And the mission Frieza gave him, he always put it to the highest, higher than his life. It is evident in detail that when he transforms into a frog, he still hopes to one day return to being a human to continue serving Frieza.
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At the same time, he is also very loyal, respecting his opponents. He was angry and threatened to kill Jeice if he continued to play bad and interfered in his battle with Goku.
He and his teammates first appeared in the battle with on Planet Namek. The fact that Frieza called off Ginyu was due to the fact that the story was out of his control, so the appearance of the Ginyu team is necessary to help him control the situation.
Initially their battle is fairly balanced, however, when Goku uses Kaioken to increase his power, Goku's strength overcomes him quite a lot (Goku 180000 vs. Captain Ginyu 120000), overwhelmed Captain Ginyu.
Facing the situation, he decided to use the ability to swap the body. He uses it to swap the body with Goku. However, due to his lack of adaptation to the new body, his strength has deteriorated dramatically (to 23,000), and was overwhelmed by Gohan and Krillin.
The advantages of Gohan and Krillin have long been preserved as he gradually became acquainted with Goku's body. He countered Gohan and Krillin and nearly knocked Gohan down if Goku did not appear in time.
With an attempt and a bit mischievous at the last minute, Goku makes Captain Ginyu swap his body with a frog and is nearly killed by Vegeta.
On the run he met Bulma, thanks to his cunning, he succeeded in exchanging bodies with Bulma. However, he is soon recognized by Gohan and transformed into a frog again.
He was later teleported to Earth by the Namek dragon and lived with other frogs around Capsule and apparently became their Boss.


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