Mount & Blade 2 introduces the Khuzait faction

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Mount & Blade 2 introduces the Khuzait faction Empty Mount & Blade 2 introduces the Khuzait faction

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If you remember the arrow clouds coming from the Khergit archer at Mount & Blade, the new faction in this sequel would be quite familiar. The latest Mount & Blade 2 bannerlord development diary includes Khuzait Khanate, a fresh threat from the warriors of the Orient.
Like the Khergits before them, Khuzait was based on the Mongols; but their lesser cousins ​​are "Avars, Göktürks, Kipchaks, and Khazars". However, the backstage for the side was certainly closest to Genghis Khan's power. Like Genghis, Urkhun Khuzait incorporated the tribes into a (first) federal, and then a Khanate church.
Mount & Blade 2 introduces the Khuzait faction Blog_post_20_taleworldswebsite_02-370x235
The Imperials in the west were captured in over-confident moments, and Khanate was wiped out the guard corps and captured the city of business. Now (at the time Mount & Blade 2 took place), the descendants of Urkhun ruled the land of Khuzait. But the state has eroded the sense of unity and other clans seeking power.
Bannerlord has no release date at this time, and developers have specifically stated that one of these will not be disclosed until they are ready to do so.
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