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Far Cry 5 gameplay released Empty Far Cry 5 gameplay released

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:56 am

For the game Far Cry 5: The title of the famous brand only came in February, but Ubisoft seems to have shifted his attention to the hype of the game. The company released yesterday, in its official channel on youtube, a video showing a little more of the game's new FPS.
Far Cry 5 gameplay released Fc5-guns_for_hire-post-header-850x472_291348
Videos are about 8 minutes long and show a variety of weapon and player options available on the expanded game map. There will be explosions, recruitment, fishing.
Far Cry 5 will appeal to previous versions: a lot of action, animal interaction and a huge arsenal. The only news published so far is the large size of the map, which is larger than its predecessor. For more information on this game please visit the following site: http://farcry5download.net/


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