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Have DRM and Require Internet Connection to Play Empty Have DRM and Require Internet Connection to Play

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:05 pm

Ever since e3 2017, it’s been rather quiet on the metal gear survived. Front many were hoping it would stay that way. But alas I have some news to share with you guys about the highly unanticipated title for those who still care to listen.
Here’s a game that has already alienated most of the Metal Gear fanbase. And with all the widespread controversy surrounding Konami like their fall out with Kojima. The way they treat their employees like shit. And their butchering of the Metal Gear franchise gamers as a whole have pretty much taken to steering clear of the company like a plague.
Have DRM and Require Internet Connection to Play Kojima
It doesn’t help that the game doesn’t always do a great job. In blending metal gears tactical stealth with the frantic ature of a zombie shooter and the thoughtfulness of a survival game http://stateofdecay2.info/state-of-decay-2/zombie-survival-sequel/.
As I detailed in my e3 2017 hands-on impressions while the game is mechanically sound. As it draws heavily from Metal Gear Solid fives excellent mechanics.
It still wedged, somewhere in the middle of multiple genres that don’t always mesh. It tempts to blend tactical stealth with frantic Zombie shooting and with survival and tower defense elements sprinkled in.
But in doing so Metal Gear Survive ends up excelling at nothing. Objectively speaking the game does have its fun moments and under different circumstances. It could have even been seen as an interesting idea and experiment. But as a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none.
Learn more at: http://metalgearsurvive.net/news/metal-gear-survive-all-vlog


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