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What happened to Hotmail UK accounts?

All Hotmail UK user used to visit But when Microsoft transformed Hotmail account into Outlook account, many users from UK got confused. You can do http://metalgearsurvive.netwith same old login credentials if you haven’t changed it. They were searching for Hotmail sign in UK but all Microsoft accounts get single sign in page.

Many users thought they were hacked and many tried to create new Hotmail account UK for backup Users can’t sign up for localized Hotmail domains, you have to either make or account. Same goes for other countries like Hotmail NZ or Hotmail Australia. Microsoft created a universal interface rather than different and lingual domains.

Though user interface is upgraded, your data remains same. Your Hotmail contacts and email will not be affected with this update. But if you don’t use Hotmail UK account for more than 365 days, your account will be deactivated and deleted permanently.
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Here are frequently asked questions about Hotmail UK.

Question: If I upgrade to Outlook do I lose anything? Do I get all mail from Hotmail Co UK inbox?
Answer: Yes, an only user interface is changed, all your data remain same.
Question: How can I create account?
Answer: you can not. homepage now becomes, so you can’t get  Hotmail live Co UK please make Hotmail id or outlook id. login and UK all in one single
Question: How can Hotmail sign in accessed for old account?
Answer: you can visit You can use your Hotmail email id and password there.
Question: What about Hotmail login NZ and Australia?
Answer: same as above for all other countries. Same thing happened to,, ,
Question: what can I do to use Hotmail in English or Espanol?
Answer: There is a language setting in homepage after you sign in. You can select from more than 100 languages.
Question: How do I get Hotmail UK support or Hotmail UK customer service?
Answer: You can check the universal support page of


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